Alp Sime (b.1970) completed his formal education at Boston University School of Fine Arts in 1996. In 2002 he opened his first solo exhibition named “Ramora”. The series of images he shared, taken during a terrorist attack in 2003 caused heated debate among the media and the art world. The following years the exhibitions “Istanbullu”, “Parallax” and “Going somewhere?” helped him gain international recognition among prominent art circles. His last exhibition named "Under Control & Compassion" was shown at The Empire Gallery  Istanbul. 

His new work titled "Ceratonia" will be displayed at the Leica Gallery Istanbul, between 12th of October and 3rd of December in 2016.

Known for his interest in the power of the subconscious and his sense of dark humor the artist sums up his work in the following quote from an interview: “Once a story conquers a personality it often clashes with what is real and the consequences are commonly tragicomic. This work on the whole is an attempt to translate this notion into visual form.”

Solo Exhibitions

" Under Control & Compassion " Empire Art Gallery. Istanbul, Turkey 2015

" Going Somewhere? " X-ist Art Gallery. Istanbul, Turkey 2010 

" Parallax " X-ist Art Gallery. Istanbul, Turkey 2009 

" Istanbullu " Mavromihali 55 Photography Gallery. Athens, Greece 2006 

" Ramora " Elturko Art Gallery. Istanbul, Turkey 2002 

Selected Joined Exhibitions 

" Contemporary Istanbul " Istanbul, Turkey 2015

" Contemporary Istanbul " Istanbul, Turkey 2014

" Contemporary Istanbul " Istanbul, Turkey 2013

" Contemporary Istanbul " Istanbul, Turkey 2012 

" Unseen " Amsterdam, Netherlands 2012 

" Turkish Contemporary Art " Sotheby’s. London, England 2011 

" Contemporary Istanbul " Istanbul, Turkey 2010 

" Contemporary Art In Turkey " Baksi Museum. Baksi, Turkey 2010

" Not a Lens but a Prism, Contemporary Photography from Turkey " Evora, Portugal 2010 

" Turkish Contemporary Photography " Maison Des Métallos. Paris, France 2009 

" Turkish Contemporary Art " Sotheby’s. London, England 2009 

" Contemporary Istanbul " Istanbul, Turkey 2009 

" The Collection 2005 " Leica Gallery. Istanbul, Turkey 2005

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